About us

Helping Hands for Himalayan People (HHHP) is a non-profitable and autonomous social organization registered within the government of Nepal. We are a non-political, and independent organization working towards the betterment of lives in the Himalaya. 

Thousands of children are still uneducated, and many are unemployed in Nepal. This is more prevalent in isolated and rural Himalayas. Simply because they lack even the basic skill set and knowledge. HHHP supports unprivileged and disadvantaged children to secure their future by enrolling them in schools and education centers. In short, we connect those who are willing to give to those who are in desperate need. Be it education, food, health facilities, or supplies for schools. 

The volunteers of Helping Hands for Himalayan People are actively engaged in development activities including training programs, boot camps, charity events, and donations. In addition to that, we undertake sanitation and water supply projects along with renovation and construction works. 

Education is the baseline of achieving the impossible. For us to expect change, we must provide our children with quality education. Our future depends on our present actions.

Our Work

The projects undertaken by HHHP are solid and meet the high-quality standard. Our primary focus is to create a healthy and comfortable environment for the children to learn, including proper sanitation facilities.


Building a safe learning environment for children and training camps for teachers.


Access to quality health services within the reach of people in the Himalaya.


Providing clean drinking water and supply of sanitation facilities at schools.

Our Objectives

Helping Hands for Himalayan People helps to develop and enhance the lives of Himalaya in Nepal by bringing attention to the community needs (mainly for children & women). Our training programs are targeted to enhance the skills and knowledge of people in rural areas. Our aim is to eradicate unemployment and illiteracy in Nepal, starting from the places that require attention the most. Our objective include: 

  • To provide/conduct educative and awareness campaigns
  • To provide legal services and support to the Himalayan people
  • To advocate, conduct social constructions to the orphanage 
  • To provide knowledge about the modern agricultural system 
  • To rescue endangered children & women from exploitative conditions
  • To ensure quality education with innovative methodology

Our Projects

Distributed computer and printer in many school

Our distribution  programs  was mainly based  in Gorkha district, north central part of

Rebuild school after earthquake

The school named sarswoti located in mashel was rebuilt by our organization after the...

Helped for earthquake victims

The massive earthquake in 2015
of 7.8 Richter that struck the country had affected people a lot...